Friday, February 20, 2009

Peach Pit Resurrection

So the space next to Blue 7 is vacant. Will someone please rent it and open the Peach Pit? Thanks.


From NC to OKC?

From the Oklahoma Times:
After a week of dealing with Perez Hilton, inteviews with TMZ and E! News Daily, it's finally been confirmed that Michael Phelps was not in Blue 7 last week. Many had speculated that the picture, to the right, shows the red eyed Mr. Phelps post herbal medicine with his crew behind him. It was rumored that he and his entourage entered Oklahoma City's very own Blue 7 sometime around 4:27pm last Monday. As sources later confirmed, the suspect was merely a Japanese Cloth Doll available at Blue 7 for $14.97.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Toms wrap boots are swell.

If you're a fan of Toms shoes, what are your thoughts on the wrap boots? We quite like them and think you will to because we make assumptions like this from time to time. Warning: you may feel like pirouetting when wearing these. We offer them in a few colors, for instance: red, black, tan, chocolate, and olive. Guess what? They are on SALE! Only $49. Come get some.



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jumbo Glitter Balls involved in workman's comp case.

Good news, shoppers. Jumbo glitter balls are finally back in stock after a long hiatus. These are one of our favorite products, a crowd-pleasing smile maker for both young and old. However, proceed with caution. Men, be on guard from self-inflicted injuries. Ladies, don't be quick to laugh at the misfortune of your ill-coordinated man friends lest they throw the ball at you in anger. Also, be sure to ask Mary what your color selection says about your personality and life-path.


Big news. Buddha and Jesus make an appearance at the store for a rare autograph signing and Q & A.

Man, we had no idea we could pull such high profile clothing designers, but Buddha and Jesus rolled through to promote their new collaborative clothing line "Faith Ragz." The papps were out in full force, though we're not sure who tipped them off (Jake Bone & TreyDawg69 probably).Photobucket

"Buddha, give me some sizzle! More! Now take it down a notch. Good."Photobucket

"So, Jesus, why the choice to go with Ragz with a 'z'?"Photobucket

Monday, February 16, 2009

We like this.

New Orla Kiely housewares at Target!  Fresh and bright, we like it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

What we're excited about.

Simple as that.  These are some things about which we are excited.

Nora Bonnell's new spring line of handmade dresses constructed from mens plaid dress shirts.  Go buy one this Friday the 13th at Collected Thread, 1705A N.W. 16th Street from 7-11PM.


After you buy your dress, hop next door to see 13 New Works by Sean Vali.  Go see his stuff.  We love it.  Friday the 13th @ dna.galleries, 1705B N.W. 16th Street.


He maintains that Blood is the New Black and Jabee has a free download of his Happy Valentine's Day EP.  Check it out while you eat too much chocolate.